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Joey Wojcik Ms. Miller Accelerated English 10 John J. Rambo is the badest of the bad, but in a good way. He has killed a large amount of people in his movies for good reasons, like for saving innocent people. Some people say that it’s a bad thing that he killed so many people no matter the reason, but it’s okay because all the murders are fake, so Rambo is still able give a message with the intensity of his movies, while no one gets harmed in real life. That’s why I believe Rambo has the power of one. In Rambo’s first movie, “First Blood” he is just out of the special forces with a congressional medal of honor from Vietnam. He is hitchhiking to a small town in Washington to visit a friend who had served with Rambo in the war. When he arrives, he is crushed when he finds that his friend had passed away from cancer. John decides to walk into town to get something to eat. He didn’t look good. His hair was greasy and his face was dirty. He looked like a drifter coming into town. When t ... Read more »
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2u -f -ba hv,-bb ht -cr kf -eg n4 -gh pi -jm sn -m0 uh -ob vo -ti 11q,-th 11p -114 13d -167 152 -1cg 15v -1i7 16a -1sf 15u -1vu 153 -21n 147 -24e 11h,-24h 11h -24h 110,-2bb 1a1 -28c 1bo,-28c 1bl -22t 1ff -1mr 1lj -16h 1rc -js 207 -1s 21t,-63 22h 6i 20m k0 1qj q5 1mi,q6 1mg q6 1ls,1nk 1if 1sc 1m8 251 1ro 2fu 21c 2qi 253 38l 25v 3bq 25q 3ea 25a 3gn 24a 3ip 22r 3kl 21b,1ni 1ib 1gp 1jm,3ob 1us 3pt 1re 3qc 1nv 3p2 1k2 3mq 1hl 3km 1gr 3id 1gn 3fn 1h3,3fn 1h5 3dp 1i6 3ce 1je 3bn 1l3 3bt 1ml 3ce 1ob 3da 1pp 3e8 1qu,3ea 1qu 3f8 1rn 3g6 1se,3kk 219 3p0 28k,3ou 28k 3r9 2av 3u7 2cr 42k 2ec 472 2ek 4dh 2e0,4uv 217 500 1uf 50f 1q8 4vm 1m6 4u0 1ie 4r3 1fq 4n0 1e2,4mt 1e2 4ja 1dt 4fo 1ec,4fo 1ec 4bh 1gh 49j 1jr 48u 1n8 49e 1q7,49e 1pv 4c0 1vi 4fn 24c 4he 263,4hc 264 4io 273,4t3 2ii 50n 2jr 565 2kt 5dm 2l7 5mv 2jt 638 2gg 677 2eh 6g9 297,6u1 1or 75l 1bu 78n 113 791 mr 77a ak 73k -14 6t2 -f4 6k5 -r6 6c1 -12p 62v -18h 5pp -1bt 5he -1bo 5ah -1a9 54m -16c,54m -16e 523 -118 51n -r4 520 -k9,51u -kb 534 -bb 5 ... Read more »
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-18 1i 18 1i,16 1e 4sf 2b5,4sd 2b5 54f 2e8 5de 2fi 5pa 2ev 67t 2cn 6sa 27c,6pc 28q 74o 23d,7ln 1ta 7rt 1qk,7u1 1q4 93b 1rd,8p8 1tt 9dr 29j,9dr 29k b1a 39m,b1a 39j bh6 3ev blg 3fm c0l 3g6 cdo 3fn cp7 3e8,dqb 37s ega 2ui et1 2l7,cvv 3dd cvv 3d5,cnh 3jb ban 41o,cne 3j8 dp5 3b5,dqa 37s dcd 3ad d6c 3fg,et1 2l3 fb9 25c fm5 1lm,flu 1or fm0 -1p,cp4 3e6 d31 3bc,bap 41m 2hi 7dj,2hj 7dj 215 7je 12d 7q8 77 7ve,dh 7uv -5v 80h -l4 7ue -1d7 7o2 -20u 7dq,-37h 766 -39l 75g,-5l5 97a -7ek ade -86k at5 -8t0 b93,-8ns b7u -9nv bjk -ajs bpu,-30h 72k -357 70n,-ajn bpq -b3l bun -blq c2e,-bgf c2j -c6e c24 -cm2 bv3 -d7q bpb -dqq bd4,-dqs bd2 -e39 b6k,-ggr 9l4 -gij 9h7,-j8b bc9 -irk c2e -ibg cjn,-ibh cjm -hn8 d5f,-hrv d4r -h6m dk0 -gdn e35,-go3 dvd -g1b e7p,-g7f e59 -fug e7k,-fsh dsi -fsp dt4 -fse dtm -fs6 du8 -fs8 duq -fsp dv3 -fta dv2,-fsi dsh -fs2 dsd,-frj ds8 -frh dst -frg dti -frh du5 -frj dum -frk dv7,-fqg dt0 -fqp dth -fqt du4 -fqm dul -fq4 duu -fpf duq -fou duh -fop dtv -fp0 dtg -fpg dt7 -fq1 dt1,-fog dsm ... Read more »
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-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1i -18 -2q 0 -2q 0 -2g a -2g a -2q k -2q k -34 a -34 a -3e k -3e k -3o a -3o a -42 0 -42 0 -3o -18 -3o -18 -42 -1i -42 -1i -3o -1s -3o -1s -42 -26 -42 -26 -3o -2g -3o -2g -3e -26 -3e -26 -34 -2g -34 -2g -2q -26 -2q -26 1i -2g 1i -2g 1s -26 1s -26 26 -1s 26 -1s 1s -1i 1s -1i 26 -18 26 -18 1s 1i 1s 1i 1i 18 1i,-1s 1i -1s 18 -1s -2q -1i -2q -1i 1i -1s 1i,-1s -3e -1s -34 -1i -34 -1i -3e -1s -3e,-18 -3e -18 -34 0 -34 0 -3e -18 -3e,3e 2g 3e 2q 68 2q 6i 2q 6i 34 68 34 68 3e 6i 3e 6i 3o 6s 3o 6s 3e ec 3e ec 5k e2 5k e2 5u ec 5u ec 68 e2 68 e2 6i ec 6i ec 6s em 6s em 6i f0 6i f0 6s fa 6s fa 6i vi 6i vi 68 fa 68 fa 5u ls 5u p0 5u p0 5k fa 5k,3e 2g 6i 2g 6i 26 6s 26 6s 2g 76 2g 76 2q 6s 2q 6s 34 ec 34 ec 2q em 2q em 34 f0 34 f0 2q fa 2q fa 34 fu 34 fu 3e fa 3e fa 5k,em 3e f0 3e f0 5k,em 3e em 5k f0 5k,em 5u em 68 f0 68 f0 5u em 5u,17m 5a 17m 7q,17m 5a 17m cg,17m 5a 180 5a 180 cg 18a cg 18a a0 18k a0 18k cg 18u cg 18u cq 18k cq 18k d4 18u d4 18u de 18k de 18k do 18u do 18u e2 18k ... Read more »
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-8 4o -7 5c -10 59,-44 9p -3b 9q -3a 92,-6p gp -7l gn -7n g2,-9b ma -2k p1,32 129 32 12m 2a 12m,-4c 190 -4a 19d -3q 19c,10 19s -1 1bm,-2h 1ks -3d 1ks -3h 1ke,-13 1ro -q 1sc -8 1rs,-6p 2se -4d 31p 4d 3el ff 3q5,f7 3q2 sl 45b,sj 45b 1b8 4dh,1b6 4df 1qi 4hq,1qh 4hq 29m 4j3 2rn 4j2,35a 5lm 35a 5m1 360 5m1,3hf 64k 3js 64p,3n6 69c 3mg 69a 3lv 68j,3ot 6dn 4ag 6m5 50t 6ni,51b 6nm 587 70d,5bp 72r 5cl 73l,5hl 7fi 5ka 7fa 5jv 7de 5kd 7db 5l1 7g9 5ho 7gf 5hi 7ff,5hq 7g1 5ka 7fr 5k5 7f4,5kj 7g1 5k5 7f7,5ka 7fd 5kd 7g9,5hi 7fi 5h9 7ep,5ed 7ht 5gs 7id 5j5 7ii,5j4 7ii 5kj 7io,5kk 7io 5m4 7ig 5nl 7i3,5p4 7go 5om 7gd,5nk 7i2 5o8 7hk 5ok 7i0 5p5 7gm,5on 7gc 5o0 7g9,5nv 7g5 5kp 7gr 5gn 7gm,5oj 7ga 5nq 7g5,5gn 7gk 5m3 7gf 5oa 7a2 5lm 767 54j 6f1 4bk 6d5 3l7 5sp 327 49m,3q 0 -5g -24,328 49l 29c 4e2 1qr 4ci 195 46f l3 3on -r 2ri 6g 1r0 4m 1h1,4k 1h0 7v 119 0 fu 3o -2,-5f -26 -dn l2,-dn l0 -8q 10q -78 1f7,5ee 7i0 58l 74j 4v8 6rk 3vv 6lp 3dd 69l 2s5 5ce 2s5 5hc,-77 1f5 -g9 252 -ie 2jn,-ie 2jk -b1 3bg am 44v 1s ... Read more »
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-18 1i 18 1i 18 2g 42 2g 5a 1i 5u 1i 5u 3e aa 3e aa 34 c6 34 do 1s g8 1s hq k jm k ku k ku 8o se 8o se 84 uu 84 13u 6s 1b4 50 1b4 4c 1e8 4c 1e8 5a 1ia 76 1ia 84 1oi 84 1p6 7g 1q4 7g 1r2 8e 20c 8e 20c 7q 23g 7q 29o 6i 29o 5k 2cs 5k 2nq k 2nq a 2ri a 2ri o2 38c o2 38c n4 3eu n4 3he ls 3he l8 3lq l8 3ps ne 43i ne 46m li 47u li 47u l8,47u l8 4ao l8 4c0 n4 4gm u0 4h1 uj 4hh v7 4i2 vq 4ii 10c 4j5 10v 4js 11i 4kl 122 4lj 12d 4mi 12l 4nh 12o 4oi 12g 4pg 11v 4q7 11a 4qt 10f 4rg vm 4s2 uu 4si u8,4si ua 50u ua 50u tm 5a0 tm 5b8 uu 5c6 uu 5c6 vs 5de 11e 5ls 11e 5oc 10g 5oc 106 5r6 106 5se 106 5se vi 5v8 vi 5v8 15q 68a 15q 69i 14s 6ge 14s 6ge 148 6j8 148 6uq tm 728 rg 760 rg 78g rg 797 s8 7a2 t3 7b7 u4 7c8 v1 7dd vu 7el 10s 7g1 11u 7hf 130 7iu 142 7kh 152 7m4 162 7np 171 7pf 17u 7r3 18o 7sm 19g 7u7 1a4 7vt 1am 81m 1b4 83g 1be 859 1bk 872 1bj 88l 1b8 89v 1am 8b0 19v 8c6 18p 8d7 17k,8d7 17k 8ea 16c 8ff 151,91m 122 91m 1a6,9ni 122 an4 122 br2 122 d58 122 e9g 122 ge8 122 gf4 122 ggc 121 ghm 11u gj4 11k ... Read more »
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39 3v 24 3i v 3p 0 4h,-20 4g -2n 3d -36 2b -40 1c -57 o -6p f -82 8 -92 -a -91 -1e -8g -2d -80 -3j,-87 -4r -93 -66 -a9 -6v -bi -7m -ci -8h -cp -9m -cj -ap -ce -bv -cl -dg -d8 -et -e5 -g8 -f4 -hl -g3 -j4 -h3 -kk,-7q -3b -8d -2r -8l -22 -8m -18 -85 -h -79 -a -6e -k -5m -s -55 -9 -52 j -46 g -45 -l -4f -1s -54 -2u,-63 -3n -6o -3m -7e -3h,-82 -3i -82 -48 -86 -4s,-7r -3a -75 -3l -6b -3p,-6d -3p -5q -3h -5a -2v,-50 -2r -5h -3a,-7c -2h -6m -26,-bb -59 -aj -4r -a6 -42,-98 -4a -98 -3d -9h -2i,-cl -6v -bq -6m -b2 -69,-de -b1 -dj -a6 -dn -9f,-ed -ct -dp -c9 -d6 -bn,-89 l -98 n -a4 s,-7v 14 -73 1q -6j 2k,-5b 1o -61 2c,-4f 1e -4f 29 -4h 33,-3a 3h -46 3u -4t 49,1r 4m 1s 5c 1v 63,o 50 6 5l,-23 4n -1l 5c,-1u 4f -18 4r -g 4r 7 4h s 3v,-12 2k -7 2i k 2h 1c 2g,-v 34 1a 30,1d 2g 1b 2u,-14 2j -10 35,-14 2j -18 1q,-18 1r -1g 1s -17 36,-16 36 -v 34,-17 32 -1d 4o,-v 32 -17 4o,14 30 14 3q,1b 31 1b 3m,39 3v 5f 4i,5f 4j 67 4s 75 4q 7v 4d 90 40 a9 41 b9 4a c2 4m cv 5b dt 61 f1 6q gb 7f hi 7k ii 79 je 67 jp 4t jm ... Read more »
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-18 1i 18 1i,12 1j ac 1g,do 1g tk 1e,-lm 1po -5u 29h o5 29b 230 s8,22u s5 2d5 s8 345 -3h,344 -3l 458 -3l,3bc -3l 3a8 -3v 396 -4c 387 -4p,-70 28e -5s 28t -4m 299 -3f 29j -1t 2a0,qg 26t pm 27f or 27v o2 28e na 28r mh 295 ln 29b l2 29f,2ep q1 2e2 qk 2dc r7 2cj rp 2bp s9 2aq sj 29s sq,455 -3n 4t3 -4c,31r -d 329 -13 32h -1s 32o -2l,te 1e 1da 1h,14h -t7 24h -59,ba -4k 9g -6q,ba -4m cv -6v,ba -4r bg -id#-25 -5b -4b -4v,-4c -4v -22 -2u,-24 -2u -4r -2s,-1b -5a -19 -38,-27 -3v -1 -4q,-8 -3b v -6h 17 -3b,6 -42 17 -4g,24 -5u 25 -3s,24 -5u 3m -60 20 -4q 38 -3q,4i -60 4p -3v,3m -4t 56 -5a,dk -6d dk -4p fm -4p,dl -5p fb -60,d0 -6n et -6v,gh -4r gj -73 h7 -50,hi -71 h7 -4r,ig -78 ia -4u,i5 -71 jj -6b,jl -6a ig -4t,ft -3o h8 -15,ga -11 i6 1,ia -a id -2j,-b -2q -3 -17,-n -1d -a -j,-8 -j t -1p,32 a 5v c,5b -7 72 e 54 15,15l 1e 154 -ip,152 -ip 155 -q2,15f -1b3 14u -115,11b -14c 14f -v7 1a0 -165#T jg q,T iu q,T j8 r,T j3 l,T jd 10,T jb o,T ja q,T ja q,T ja q,T j5 o,T j5 o,T j5 o,T j3 r,B gq r jk,B h4 12 jv ... Read more »
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-18 1i 18 1i,2g 3o 4c 3o,-42 3e -26 3e,-u 5a k 5a,68 18 8e 18,68 5k 84 5k,2g 76 4m 76,-42 76 -18 76,0 9m 1i 9m,6i aa 8o ak,-5k 3e -6s 3e,-9c 4m -bi 4m,-5k 5a -3e 5a,-au 76 -92 76,-7g 8o -50 8o,-76 bi -42 b8,bs -26 bi p0,-gi -1s -fu se,-do e2 -aa e2,-42 do 0 do,3e e2 8o e2,-8e gi -42 g8,a gs 42 h6,a0 hq b8 hg,68 ka a0 ka,-2g ka 0 ka,-ak ie -8o hq,-6s i4 -3o i4,-2q i4 -1i i4,a i4 26 i4,50 ie 7q ie,-fa m6 -de m6,-7g ls -5u ls,18 m6 34 m6,7q mg 8o mq,8e oc 5k p0,26 p0 -k pa,-34 p0 -68 pa,-68 1r2 qi 1r2 1dk 1rc 1oi 1rc 23q 1rc 244 252,23q 1rc 244 24o,23q 1rc 25m 1ti,-fa m6 -fu m6,-5k 1r2 -mq 1r2,b8 1r2 h6 1p6 h6 1qo h6 1r2,pu 1p6 uk 1r2,pu 1p6 pu 1r2,18u 1rc 1e8 1pg 1e8 1rc,1kg 1pg 1kg 1rc,1kg 1pg 1nu 1rc,20c 252 2am 252,23q 1ti 27i 1ti 28q 1ve,27i 1ti 27s 252,2ac 252 2fm 252,27i 1ve 2ac 1ve 2ba 210,2ac 1ve 2ac 252,2ac 210 2ci 210 2dg 22i,2ci 210 2ci 252,2ci 22i 2eo 22i 2fm 23q,2eo 22i 2eo 252,2fc 252 2j4 252 2oe 252 2oe 2ee,2eo 23q 2ga 23q 2ga 252,20c 252 20c 1rc,2m8 252 2m8 2ee,2oe 278 2r ... Read more »
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-18 1i 18 1i ak 1i,-18 1s 18 1s 8e 1s ak 1s e2 1s,8e 1i 8e -u a0 -u a0 1i 8e 1i a0 -u,8e -u a0 1i e2 1i e2 1s,8e -k 84 -k 7q -a 8e -a 8o -k 92 -a 9c -k 9m -u a0 -k aa -u cq 18 cg 1i a0 -k,8e -a 8o 0 92 -a 9c 0 9m -a a0 -k,8o 0 92 a 9c 0 9m a a0 a 9m k 9m u a0 k,92 a 9c k 9m a a0 0,9c k 9m u a0 18,8e 0 7q 0 7g a 8e a 8o 0,8e a 8o k 92 a,8o k 92 u 9m k a0 u,92 u 9c 18 9m 1i a0 18,9c 18 9m u,8e k 7g k 76 u 8e u 8o k,8e u 8o 18 92 1i 9c 18,8o 18 92 u 9c k 9c u 9m k,9c u 9m 18 a0 u,8e 18 76 18 6s 1i,-18 1i -18 1s,8e -k a0 -k,8e -a a0 -a,8e 0 a0 0,8e a a0 a,8e k a0 k,8e u a0 u,8e 18 a0 18,8o -u 8o 1i 92 18 9c 1i 9m 18,92 18 9c u,92 -u 92 1i,9c -u 9c 1i,9m -u 9m 1i,8o -u 8e -k 8o -a 92 -k 9c -u 9m -k a0 -a,8o -a 92 0 92 a,92 0 9c a 9c k,9c a 9m k,8o -u 92 -k 9c -a 9m -k,9c -a 9m 0 a0 -a,9m 0 a0 a,8o -k 92 -u 9c -k 9m -a a0 0,9m a a0 k,8e 0 8o -a,92 0 9c -a,8e 0 8o a 92 0,8o a 92 k 9c a 9m 0,92 k 9c u,8e k 8o a,8e k 8o u 92 k,8o u 92 18,8e 18 8o 1i,8e 18 8o u,-3o 1i -3o 4m -k 6i u 7g ak 7g,-42 ... Read more »
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