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Joey Wojcik Ms. Miller Accelerated English 10 John J. Rambo is the badest of the bad, but in a good way. He has killed a large amount of people in his movies for good reasons, like for saving innocent people. Some people say that it’s a bad thing that he killed so many people no matter the reason, but it’s okay because all the murders are fake, so Rambo is still able give a message with the intensity of his movies, while no one gets harmed in real life. That’s why I believe Rambo has the power of one. In Rambo’s first movie, “First Blood” he is just out of the special forces with a congressional medal of honor from Vietnam. He is hitchhiking to a small town in Washington to visit a friend who had served with Rambo in the war. When he arrives, he is crushed when he finds that his friend had passed away from cancer. John decides to walk into town to get something to eat. He didn’t look good. His hair was greasy and his face was dirty. He looked like a drifter coming into town. When the sheriff sees Rambo and his appearance, he took him out of town to avoid any corruption from the sort of guy the he misconceived Rambo to be. All that John wanted was something to eat and get out of the town. He decides to just walk back into town. When the sheriff sees him, he arrests Rambo. Once Rambo is at the police station, he makes a daring escape with his ex. army skills. He makes his way into a large forest with the police fresh on his trail. He sets up traps and snares for the police with ease after all his training from the army. He doesn’t want to kill the police, so he makes all the traps non-lethal. Once all of the police where caught, he releases them, so they can go back to town. He meant it to give the police some mercy, because he wanted to have a better case once the fiasco was over. After he released the cops, they found out he was a green beret, so they sent in the army to take him out. The army began surrounding him and they fire a rocket launcher at him. He narrowly escapes into an old mining cave that leads back to town. After reaching town, he steals an m-16 from the army and shoots down power lines to cut off the lights. He blows up a few stores to create a diversion, then he heads for the police station where he knows the sheriff, that caused him all this trouble, was. He pounds the building with shells for a minute or two. After nothing else happens, Rambo decides the sheriff is probably on the roof. He makes his way into the building, being vigilant when he see the sheriff on the roof through a pane of glass on the ceiling. Rambo is about to shoot him when his old colonel shows up and talks him out of it. Rambo breaks down and speaks through sobs about how military vets deserve respect. Respect that he should’ve received from the sheriff. After that, John goes to prison. In this movie it gives a great message. Troops coming back from Vietnam were not getting any respect from civilians, or police for that matter. When this movie came out, it helped military vets get some respect. It also gave people a patriotic feeling seeing what a green beret could do. The movie was fake, but it still gave people a positive message. All of the Rambo movies are like this, whether he is rescuing POWs in “Nam, helping the Afghanistan people fight against Russia taking them over or saving missionaries being held captive in Burma. Rambo gives a strong and patriotic message to Americans when we see his movies. If you can send a great message, just through a movie, then that is an awesome example of the power of one.
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