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10:17 AM
sorta hard
-18 1i 18 1i 18 2g 42 2g 5a 1i 5u 1i 5u 3e aa 3e aa 34 c6 34 do 1s g8 1s hq k jm k ku k ku 8o se 8o se 84 uu 84 13u 6s 1b4 50 1b4 4c 1e8 4c 1e8 5a 1ia 76 1ia 84 1oi 84 1p6 7g 1q4 7g 1r2 8e 20c 8e 20c 7q 23g 7q 29o 6i 29o 5k 2cs 5k 2nq k 2nq a 2ri a 2ri o2 38c o2 38c n4 3eu n4 3he ls 3he l8 3lq l8 3ps ne 43i ne 46m li 47u li 47u l8,47u l8 4ao l8 4c0 n4 4gm u0 4h1 uj 4hh v7 4i2 vq 4ii 10c 4j5 10v 4js 11i 4kl 122 4lj 12d 4mi 12l 4nh 12o 4oi 12g 4pg 11v 4q7 11a 4qt 10f 4rg vm 4s2 uu 4si u8,4si ua 50u ua 50u tm 5a0 tm 5b8 uu 5c6 uu 5c6 vs 5de 11e 5ls 11e 5oc 10g 5oc 106 5r6 106 5se 106 5se vi 5v8 vi 5v8 15q 68a 15q 69i 14s 6ge 14s 6ge 148 6j8 148 6uq tm 728 rg 760 rg 78g rg 797 s8 7a2 t3 7b7 u4 7c8 v1 7dd vu 7el 10s 7g1 11u 7hf 130 7iu 142 7kh 152 7m4 162 7np 171 7pf 17u 7r3 18o 7sm 19g 7u7 1a4 7vt 1am 81m 1b4 83g 1be 859 1bk 872 1bj 88l 1b8 89v 1am 8b0 19v 8c6 18p 8d7 17k,8d7 17k 8ea 16c 8ff 151,91m 122 91m 1a6,9ni 122 an4 122 br2 122 d58 122 e9g 122 ge8 122 gf4 122 ggc 121 ghm 11u gj4 11k gki 116 glr 10j gn1 vr go0 uu goq tv gpe st gpu rq gqa qp,93i 122 93i pu 93i ne 93i ka 9mk ka 9s8 ka 9s8 122,9s8 ka 9s8 ie 9qm ie 9qm ka,9qm ie 9p4 ie 9p4 ka,8ho 11o 8ho 1cm,8ho 11o 8e0 16o,a3o em a3o jm a3o li,a3o em ah6 em,akk em amg em ane em,a3o mg a3o l8,a1s n4 a1s rq akk kk,a9c ka aoc ec apk do apk io ao2 jc ao2 ku ap0 ku,aso 122 aso so aa0 om,ap0 j2 ap0 mg,ap0 114 ap0 122,aso 122 a2g rg,a3o rq a3o 122,9rk ie 9rk gi 9po gi 9po ie,a1s n4 a4m m6 a4m l8 a3o l8,akk em akk fu,bj8 122 bk4 122 bl5 122 bm9 11u bna 11n bof 11d bpm 110 bqo 10k brr 105 bss vj bts ut buq u3 bvl t7 c0d s8 c12 r9 c1k q9,c1k q8 c1u pj c28 os c2j o0 c2t n7 c38 mf c3h ln c3o l3,c3q ku c52 ku c55 lr c5e mr c5s nu c6f p5 c74 q6 c7u r6 c90 s4 ca8 t0 cbj to cd2 uc ceh us cfo v5 cha va cir v9 ck8 v2 cli um cmo u4 cno td coj sh cp8 rj cpr qk cqa pk cqq og cr5 nd cre mb crj lb,cri l8 cto l8 cto 122,cto l8 d40 ka d40 122,d40 ka dju ka dju 122,d8m ka d9k jm,d9k ka d9k jc dbg jc dbg ka,djk ka djk j2 dim j2 dim ka,djk j2 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